"Baby girl you look pretty"

I’ve always had sensitive skin which made me susceptible to spots and hyperpigmentation. 

In fact, once pimples pop up on my face and back, all I have to do is go under the sun and bam! Spots all over!

My face was always a serious source of concern to me. I had blemishes all over and constantly battling pimples, rashes and sunburn.

I always tried to cover my imperfections with makeup but it only got worse. I’ve tried all sorts of skincare products but end up bleaching my face.

Then one day I stumbled upon a self-love article and ever since I’ve learned to love my self regardless of what people see.

All creatures aren’t created the same, imperfections or not God loves us. I also surround myself with people that put out positive energy and we gas each other up all the time!

A little “baby girl you look pretty” will go a long way for people with insecurities.

Now, I use natural homemade products. Honey mixed with lemon juice has really helped and I also go out with sunscreen on my face. 

The insecurities still pop up once in a while but I’ve learned that that’s what makes us human.