Discriminated for being "too dark"


I got admitted into the boarding house in JSS2, at thet time I barely had many friends. 

For a kid who just got into such an environment, acceptance by most, if not all was what I sought the most. 

I had never personally felt being black was imperfect. In fact, i was very indifferent about my complexion. I just wanted to live life.

This fateful day in the dining hall. I was the 11th person on my table instead of the regular 10/table.  The prefect on duty moved me to a table of 9 to get it balanced.  I sat still. Trying to get familiar and cordial with these new people. 

There was this girl on the table. Pretty fine 😉. She got lots of admiration for seniors. So she was a force in my set then.

Minutes after I sat, suddenly, she said: ” if you’re fair, you’d serve the fair people on the table, If you’re chocolate, you will serve those that are brown, but if you’re very Black, You’ll serve yourself”. She giggled and others laughed briefly in approval. 

I sank into myself, felt really bad. And  I wish I was like every other person. I carried this stigma for a long time. I also can’t tell how the things I’ve done to lighten my skin colour. 

Until I got into the university, where I  learnt to be self confident and really appreciate myself. And beyond, be Whole by myself- Perfect in my imperfections. 

This #Imperfect view of not being beautiful just the way we’re has pushed many people into inferiority complex and lots more. 

Face-beat and the likes have obviously created jobs and improved a lot of industries. But they do not define us.  Individually we are whole by ourselves. A raw piece of art needing no comparison. 

We are just expressions of the divine diversity. To provoke thoughts and cause us to live inter-dependently.