Thelma .O.

Hairy, beautiful and happy

Them: Hey! You have beards and hairs on your chest too, ahhh you must be a really mean person

Me: Smiles! Are you for real?

(A few weeks or months later)

Them: I’m sorry for judging you without getting to know you

Me: It’s fine, I guess I’ve gotten used to it now.

I’ve always been self-conscious of the extra hairs I have as a girl and most superstitious beliefs didn’t make it easy for me. The first time I noticed the hairs on my jaw I panicked and started picking at them, a few months later the ones on my chest started coming out. Tried some hair control products that were of no help, I quit and embraced them. There’s a reason God gave me the extra hairs, right? So it’s not something I should feel sad about or embarrassed when some aba boys shout “nwanyi gbara aji n’obi”(woman with hairs on her chest)😂 Before I would get worked up but now I simply smile and ask if yours is missing. Yes, I am a lady, I’ve side beards, a really hairy chest and jaw beards 🥰 I’ve come to realise that this is part of who I am and I am perfect.