Tall dark and determined

Growing up, I always wanted to be in the spotlight, “all eyes on me when I walk on the stage over and over again” kinda vibes, so I ventured into modelling. It wasn’t an easy journey but I am grateful for that decision.

I remember going for countless castings and hearing “he’s too dark”, “his cheeks are too chubby”, “we need someone skinnier” and many more frustrating and annoying comments. It was hard being constantly judged by how I look. 

Because I wasn’t being hired for modelling jobs I did a lot of FREE jobs and still gave it my best as if I was being paid.

After many rejections, I decided to embrace me for who I am and care less about what people said or assessed me to be. I kept going for castings for the love of modelling, with the mindset that a day would come when a top agency, booker or a scout would notice me and my career would finally take off, and guess what… It’s BECOMING so.