For a couple of years, I’ve been battling with acne and dark spots on my face, I sometimes even feel uncomfortable looking at myself in the mirror.

Going out also became a problem. I would see people with clearer, acne-free faces and I’d feel less of myself.

I tried many different skincare products in attempts to get rid of my acne and black spots. Some seemed to work but left me with results that made me dislike my face even more.

One of my more recent and more successful attempts helped reduce the acne but darkened my complexion in the process, and of course, people began to complain about that. 

So I have decided to leave my face the way it is and get used to loving myself as I am. Maybe one day my acne struggles will be over but at this point, I really don’t care about what others say anymore because I believe that everyone is perfect in their own ways.