There’s so much pressure on the definition of beauty by society – they say beauty is pain.

There’s a very high standard of beauty set by the society that makes you very uncomfortable wearing your own natural self – both inside and outside.

The standard of beauty is hard – “shapened” brows, baby edges, wigs, and whatnots.

We get statements like “don’t laugh out too loud”, “your jean is too loose”  or “suck your tummy in”, “you are smiling too much” or “why are you smiling like a goat?”, e.t.c.

Beauty has become STRESSFUL!

Masking your true self to adapt to society’s standard has become the order of the day.

Truth be told, these standards are hard and you can get broke trying to fit into this standard.

Here’s a tip;

Accept your body. Love your body.

Embrace your body imperfections.

 It’s fine if you choose to work on your body. However, don’t get pressured and do it at your own pace.

Remember that you are beautiful and your imperfections make you different.