Big nose, no problem

Growing up, I was constantly teased about having a big nose. I never really put a thought to it till I started to smile in photos. For some weird reason, anytime I smiled, the nose would appear to look bigger than usual. “He NOSE it all…”, they would say.

Is it “Nosa”, “Nostalgia”, “Pinocchio”… I’ve heard it all. I felt conscious and insecure about it till I came to the realization that one man’s meat is another man’s poison. They forgot to also mention that one man’s poison is another man’s meat. I am not and will never be defined by people’s standards of how I should look. If I had a small or extra-large nose, people would still complain. So yeah! Fuck it!

I am a babe!

I’m a catch!

I be hot kek!