Accepting my marks

All my life, I’ve been body shamed. Somehow, people have always seen the need to air their opinions on how I look. 

“Onyinye, try not to show too much teeth when you smile, you know your teeth always look dirty.” “You should really wax your facial hair oh…you’re starting to look like a man.” “This your nose is flat oh…if I were you, when I make enough money, the first thing I’ll do is a nose job.” 

Let’s not even talk about the endless “advice” I get to clear the stretch marks on my arm. 

I remember how on extremely hot days, I used to cover my body with layers and some extra layers of clothing because… How dare I show people my stretch mark ridden arms?! They’d surely be terrified to death at the sight of it. Lol. 

Well, everyone was okay when I did show. No one died. How lucky. Phew! 

People will always have what to say about how you should or shouldn’t look. But screw the judgement and screw being uncomfortable in my own skin.

My body, though imperfect, is perfect for me.