My flaws are beautiful

How do people see something embarrassing as part of someone’s features and still go ahead to say something about it? It’s Insensitivity at its peak.

Most times, when I go out and meet people, 2 out of 5 people will remind me that I have facial hairs (side beards) or that I’ve got sunburn marks and then some will even go-ahead to ask me why. I wonder what they expect me to say, lol.

I have learnt to not let such insensitivity get to me again. When such happens, I tell myself to flaunt those flaws I get questioned for because my FLAWS are BEAUTIFUL and I can’t let negative remarks ruin my self-confidence and the way I see myself.

To end this, from me to me; Jessica Omonor Jackson, your flaws are beautiful!

PS – if you get to go through what I go through, hey, your flaws are beautiful too!