I remember having heavy breakouts on my face as a result of a change in my environment and it got me really worried. I tried to cover it up with foundation, but the more I did the worse the reaction. I was so uncomfortable in my own skin and I wanted a solution at any cost. I tried using a cream from a cosmetic store which just made it worse and really sore to the point of peeling (like moving from the frying pan to the fire).

I gave up, I stopped trying and in due time the breakouts stopped but the scars stayed. I now accept my skin just the way it is and tell myself every day I am not my scars and they shouldn’t define me. They will come and go so long as I maintain a healthy diet. We all want to have “flawless” skin but when “flawless” refuses to have us, we stay beautiful in our skin. 

Find your own beautiful cos I have found mine.