My beautiful crossed eyes

Growing up, it wasn’t easy to accept the fact that my eyes are the way they are. Everywhere I went there was always some comment about my eyes. Comments from friends, schoolmates, different people from different places. If someone wasn’t calling me “half-past-one eyes” they were calling me “crooked eyes” or something else equally derogatory and that made me feel really sad. Why were my eyes like that? Why couldn’t I have regular eyes like everyone else? But many years after, I’ve grown and come to accept myself for who I am, with all my flaws and imperfections. I realise they are part of who I am. The hurtful words of those days don’t affect me any more. In fact, these days I love the eyes more than any other part of my body because they are very different from everyone else’s. They make me unique.

So this is me, loving myself and my beautiful crossed eyes.