Fine boy no pimples (but some DPN)

Growing up I had an almost flawless face; a fine-boy-no-pimples indeed. I was very confident about how I looked. 

Forward to my last years in the university, and I started to notice these little dark dots on my face, I hoped they would disappear, but instead, they multiplied as time passed.

I barely knew anything about my Dermatosis Papulosa Nigra (DPN); I learned they are harmless and nothing more than cosmetic. I wasn’t insecure about them but I didn’t like their presence either. 

Over time I’ve come to accept the little things I didn’t appreciate are also part of my wholeness, they didn’t take anything away from my authenticity. They could only pose a problem if I imagined what someone else thought of my appearance…

I think I’m perfect and validated by default. 

No one is created with errors or by mistake, by virtue of our individuality and unique outward appeal and the creator’s artistry, as perfection is perception and beauty is perspective.