Psoriasis can't keep me down

Everyone is beautiful. GOD created us in HIS image, so why do we pick apart and talk down on the image of GOD?

There was a time in my life I felt like a stranger in my body. I wished I was slimmer, taller, had glass-like skin! Those were sad and terrible times, and it came with stress. Had to deal with psoriasis and acne, which made me give up wearing clothes that showed the part of my body I thought was not pleasant to look at. Tried several medications to get rid of the ‘flaws’ but it made it worse.

I had a eureka moment, told myself the simple truth; this body is all I’ve got that is mine. She has been with me, and will always be with me, so why was I being hard and judging her with the lens of society’s unattainable beauty expectation?

That minute, I knew perfection was a never-ending cycle, I dropped out of the race and embraced my body for who she is and all she will be. I love myself, and how I look is who I truly am. There’s nothing more exhilarating than being comfortable in your own skin.