My battle with acne

I’ve battled with acne since 2019. I always felt paranoid around people. It felt like everyone around me was constantly staring at my “rough face”. Sometimes, people would even bypass their imaginary filters and comment directly about my face. For some weird reason, everybody always had a “solution” to my problem. With the number of skincare products I’ve used so far, I should be a brand ambassador for nothing less than 20 brands. All to no avail. I saw people with gorgeous skin in photos all over social media platforms. “God When?”, I would always think. At some point, my only goal in life was to find a cure for my acne. My self-esteem was shattered. I couldn’t go outside of my house. I got depressed at some point, and even though people around me, like family and friends, would try to make me feel better and say “it’s not that bad” it just wasn’t cutting it for me. One day, it dawned on me that life was too short to spend so much time caring about something as insignificant as blemishes on my face. People need to know that beauty is more than the outer appearance, and yes I am beautiful inside and out!