Growing up with acne and a big forehead made me feel so insecure when I was younger, I was so conscious of my face that most of the time I only had hairstyles with bangs on just to cover my forehead and my spots.
I’ve spent so much on skincare products and I don’t think there’s a skincare product I haven’t tried. Sometimes they work, and sometimes they don’t. I like to think my skin has a mind of its own Lol.
I always felt no one would like me because of my spots and I wasn’t beautiful enough to go for certain things that interest me, and this made me really shy.
Now that I’m older, I’ve learnt to embrace all of me. I’ve learnt that I’m not defined by my looks. I’m who I am regardless. I’m beautiful and wonderfully made because the One who created me made me in His image.
Now, with my face, I just go with the flow, and I don’t stress.