Thicc thighs

This is absolutely ridiculous when you hear it but it is truth. One day you think you can “rugged” it and that is a battle you can muster the strength to face; Another day he says “if only your excess thighs could substitute for bigger buttocks”. 

What does he need your thighs for? 

He needs something to really fill his hands with.

He just wants you to grow more seat-space. How?

Just words eh? Yeah, but wouldn’t I rather choose a battle I could willfully fight? 

Imagine fighting your own body because she developed in places other than where they could fill the hands of a man that liked such.

I couldn’t.

I left o!

Maybe I do want a bigger ass. Just maybe.

But you don’t have the power to make me feel that that is the one extra point I need to hit the perfect score. You should absolutely not! 

I’ve gained extra pounds everywhere but behind me. 😂

I promise you I don’t even notice unless you bring it up! 

If I lose one point for not having a big ass, shebi 9/10 na still better spec na! 💃