Plus-sized awesomeness

It’s been a struggle over the years. I’ve been plus-sized most of my life though I’ve tried many different diet plans. I’ve always been very selfconscious about my weight, my scars and how people perceive me. I’ve had to pretend to be a lot of things just to get validation from people. I’ve tried to be funnier, I’ve tried to be louder, tried to be more relatable, hoping people would think “oh she’s funny, so let’s not notice the weight”.

I’ve been in a couple of relationships that were abusive just because I felt I didn’t deserve more, I felt I was lacking something. And so I accepted notions that I normally wouldn’t agree with just because I wanted to be part of something. 

Now, after a long while, I’ve realised that was a big problem. And so now, I am finally getting to accept my body for what it is, finally getting to realise I am awesome regardless of anyone’s opinions. 

My name is Anita, I am beautiful and I know it.